The Wonderful Belle Isle Conservatory

Find out why the gardens, flowers, and plants here are so popular

Belle Isle Conservatory

All about the Belle Isle Conservatory...a nice gem in Detroit on Belle Isle. Weddings, gardens, and more. The Belle Isle Conservatory is one of the more underrated attractions in my opinion and can truly be a home away from home in the city, especially during the wintertime where sunlight and greenery run sparse. The weather in the winter can be quite depressing sometimes! I'm surprised many more people don't realize what they have on Belle Isle and come on down to the conservatory especially since it's free.

It's in a perfect position on Belle Isle and the conservatory has always been one of my favorite spots to go to. Sometimes it reminds me of the butterfly conservatory at the Detroit Zoo (without the butterflies of course) I like to come here at times when I may be a little stressed out or when things may be hectic or I may come just to enjoy the conservatory on a particular day.

You can almost always find a small time of solitude at the conservatory. Belle Isle ConservatoryI stay for no longer than 15 minutes to a half hour just enjoying the different plants that have been imported from all over the world such as South America and Japan. As far as I know, this is the only place in the D where you will see palm trees :)

The Belle Isle Conservatory has many sections, each filled with different plants. At the beginning, you will see mostly tropical plants such as ferns, palms, and orchids, many of which are found in South America.

Then you can head around to the cactus exhibit and I can't stress enough that although most of the path is clear from the various types of cacti, a few have decided to overgrow their boundaries Belle Isle Conservatory2and hang just a little into the path so watch where you are going as getting stuck by a cactus is really no fun at all.

There is also a wonderful fountain at the end of the path whic makes for a stunning photograph. If you happen to stop by on the isle during the warmer months, you should notice the large garden that sits in front of the conservatory.

It's a pretty wide area filled with flowers and walkways for you to walk around. The staff keeps it pretty well manicured so it is really beautiful. In terms of getting there, it's right to your left about 3 minutes after you get on Belle can't miss it. It's just before you get to the Dossin Museum.

Another great thing about the conservatory is it's open every single day of the year from 10AM until 5PM so you should have ample time to fit it into your schedule. These are great hours especially if you have some time during the weekend. I really appreciate the Belle Isle Botanical Society for keeping the conservatory up and running all these years. Now if only the aquarium would reopen! I think the conservatory is one of Belle Isle's gems and one of it's most underrated places to visit on the isle.

The conservatory is also a popular place for weddings. Many people choose to have their wedding here for many reasons including the nice backdrop of the flower garden or the view of the Detroit River. It's the perfect spot for a special event. For wedding cost info and other info, check out the Botanical Society's website here. To see even more pictures of the conservatory, see my pictures of Detroit page.

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