The Detroit Renaissance can't miss it when you're in town

Detroit Renaissance Center

The Detroit Renaissance Center is the most noticable object in the Detroit skyline. Find out info about maps, tours, where to park, and more. It even has a YMCA.

The Detroit Renaissance Center (sometimes referred to by Detroiters as the "RenCen"), is easily the most dominating and noticable object in the Detroit skyline. I would have to say that when it was built in the late 1970s, it was considered a unique piece of Detroit architecture. After its completion, it took over the tallest building title in Michigan from the Penobscot Building and even though it has had its criticisms in the past and even still today, it has grown on people and is a frequently used symbol when representing Detroit. I love what General Motors has done to the building since they bought the building in 1996. The building is much more accessible than it was before on the Jefferson side as well as the side that faces the Detroit River and Detroit Riverwalk It looks more like a headquarters and world class building than it ever did before.

GM World

One of the most popular new attractions in the Renaissance Center that came about because of the General Motors purchase, is GM World. In this exhibit, you can see the products and services of GM over their long and tenured existance. Admission is free and it's great for the kids. The displays of cars rotate and are changed frequently to keep up with the most current products and they also have video and audio players to give you a real interactive experience. All exhibits are put into four categories which are Touring and Luxury, Family and Neighborhood, Outdoor, and Sports enthusiasts. I remember going here for the first time and I absolutely loved it. Don't miss out.

More at the Renaissance Center

Other things inside the RenCen include four office towers, restaurants, a movie theatre, a rotating restaurant at the top, a YMCA and a hotel, which by the way is the tallest in the Wester Hemisphere. A lot of people will debate this by saying the Westin Peachtree in Atlanta is the tallest (they were both designed by the same architect) but it's just not true ;) There is also a Detroit People Mover station at the Ren Cen for easy access.

Parking can be found in garages next to the Ren Cen or if you feel like walking and seeing some of the other Detroit sights as well, you can find a place to park in the downtown area.

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